The days of cosmetic secrets are gone. Say hello to a world of sharing the beauty! Cosmetic surgery and fillers were once reserved for the famous and wealthy. Something for us to sit back and watch, while we made commentary on how ‘so & so’ got Botox in her lips. Those days are long gone.

Replaced with the education of just how these treatments can play a moderate role in our lives, and millennials are heading up this education. Many are finding themselves on forums such as RealSelf, a site dedicated to sharing real life experiences and answering questions. It even provides the option of asking doctors their opinion on procedures and treatments. Our millennials are turning to these procedures to maintain and enhance what they have. We all want to beat the aging game. Many are finding that when they start young, they are able to use a minimal amount to maintain their current look versus starting later in life and risking an over correction. There are now fillers that can grow your own collagen and supply a lift to the face. We can also correct noses and chins without surgery or implants. Instead of struggling over an insecurity, it can simply be corrected with a quick turn of a needle. This in turn feeds our confidence.

In a competitive workforce it’s important to put your best face foreword. When you eliminate these small insecurities it shows in the way you carry yourself. These treatments are often welcomed with open arms as they are discussed among peers. The days of thinking ‘botox fills lips’ is long gone. Many are familiar with Juvederm and its sister products, such as Volbella, that can softly enhance the lips, providing hydration and shape.

While these procedures can take a small hit to the wallet, many can be done with little or no downtime. In our “do it all” society we are expected to build a thriving career while maintaining our family and social lives. This can take a toll on our bodies. The stress can add those little pockets of fat that just won’t go away with your diet and exercise routine. This is why many are turning to procedures like CoolSculpting, which is a non-invasive fat reduction treatment that’s turning heads everywhere. You can work or watch a movie as your body is sculpted to your desire.

Outside of cosmetic procedures, many have become educated on the damages of the sun. Sun-beds have been replaced with sun screen. Protecting our skin and giving it the nutrients it needs through medical grade products are often where many start. This maintains not only our youth, but also the health of our skin. While these procedures are steadily becoming more available, it’s imperative to continue doing your research. Research the doctor you’re considering seeing, being cognizant of what certifications they have, how long they’ve been working in cosmetics, and to what level. After all, the best work is the work un-seen. Strive for a fresh and rested look. Everyone will know you look great, but they shouldn’t be able to quite put their finger on why. So continue to search, continue to learn, and as always continue to share the beauty.

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